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Join Trinity Sisterhood!

We are excited to announce our new " Trinity Sisterhood " monthly subscription group.

This is an exclusive group for Trinity Sister's biggest fans! We seek to create an intimate and inspiring community that is unique by design where everyone is welcome! 


   Membership includes:

  • LIVE videos with Devit one time per week, plus some Sneak Peeks behind the scenes!

  • Exclusive painting, lettering and crafting techniques.

  • Various supply lists, so you can craft LIVE with Devit.

  • Digital creations coordinating with various projects will be sent directly to you.

  • Our group will feature special guests that will teach Bible journaling, hand lettering, etc. 

  • We will also have special discounts for Trinity Sisters workshops & items sold in our shop!

  • Special monthly giveaways just for our Trinity Sisterhood members!!

About Trinity Sister's

Trinity Sisters began not long after Mark and Devit Rock lost their 21 year old son Jared in a motorcycle accident on June 20, 2011. Creativity was an outlet for Devit to deal with her loss and grief. With the guidance of God, backing and support of her husband and daughter, Elise, Trinity Sisters business and ministry was born. We schedule workshops where we teach painting classes on wood, canvas and furniture!   Book private creative parties with friends, church groups, bridal shower or bachelorette party or join us for classes that are open to the public.  When booking a private party, the hostess or birthday person is always free.  


We start each workshop with a devotion, prayer and give God the glory in all we do. We have been blessed by the women, youth (and men) that we have met along the way!

Trinity Sister's Mission

To unite ladies, youth and families together through creativity and to give God the Glory in all that we do.

Trinity Sister's Gallery
Trinity Sister's Upcoming Events
...check back often for upcoming events!
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